Being a shipping carrier - do we need to be order management app with fulfillment service

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We are trying to figure out if we have to be fulfillment service or not actually.


We are a company which takes purchased products from merchants and takes them to customers.

We have integrated the carrier service.


"name":"Goods Service",


We are seeing our app in

- Customer order shipment page
- Customer payment page
- Admin panel - order page. (As a Shipping service)

We submitted a fulfillment service also thinking that it was the way to go.


"name":"Goods Fulfillment",


So right now all we have to do is to get informed by the merchant and fulfill the purchase and give the tracking number to shopify. And then we'll figure out retuns and shipping labels as well.

But we are not getting informed. There is no "request button" as we learned that request button is shown when the purchased products are in the same loation with fulfilment service. Because we are not a warehouse there is no way to be in the same location with the product.

So our question is;

- Do we need to be order management app and folow these steps below with addition to beig fulfillment service.

- Or do we need to be just carrier service. How will Shopify inform us about the purchase?

Thanks in advance

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