Best App for Bulk Uploading & Resizing Images?

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I'm currently in the process of preparing hundreds of listings ahead of a client's website relaunch. A lot of the images that I have sourced are the wrong dimensions (aiming for 2048x2048px) and the file sizes are way too big. I've tried to outsource resizing using Fiverr but my client wasn't happy with the quality.

I really don't have the time to be editing thousands of pictures manually: does anyone have any recommendations on how I can speed this up?


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I've used Photo Resize app a few times to bulk resize images, worked well.

For cutting down on file size I use TinyPNG and Crush Pics to compress images with no loss in quality. TinyPNG you can upload 20 images at a time, this is the manual method. Crush Pics you can set to automatically compress all your product images as they're uploaded to your store.

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