Best app for custom products

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I already saw some posts about selling products with multiple parts, but not really what was looking for. So that’s why I reach out here.

I have the following question. I’m going to sell handmade jewelry, which consists of different parts.

For example
Pendant 1 necklace (1 stock)
Pendant 2 necklace (10 stock)

Cords Black (30 stock)
Cords Blue (2stock)
Cords Red (30 stock)

For example: I have a bracelet with pendant 1, and the customer selects a color. So, when I sell pendant 1 necklace; this item should be sold out (since there’s only 1). With the regular inventory of Shopify this doesn’t happen since every combination (with the colors) is registered as a new item.

Also; the cords can be combined with the pendants. So, when the color blue is no longer available; it should be on the product page of both necklaces, you can’t order this color.

So, anyone? What app is the best, when your product consists of multiple parts, but not sell all the items as a product (the cords are not sold separately). Pure so inventory is on point. Or am I missing something? 

Hope to hear it!


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