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Best App For Variants Of Product To Linked To Master Inventory

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10inch Packaging Bag - 5,000 total pieces available.

variant A - 25 Bags

variant B - 50 Bags

variant C - 100 Bags

variant D - 500 bags

When someone purchases the 25 bags option, I need the master inventory of 5,000 bags to be reduced by 25, with a total of 4,975 bags remaining, and so on.  I know there are a lot of inventory bundle apps but none really specify this functionality.

Thank you!

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The way you can configure it is by bundling up the different variations to the master stock SKU that hold the correct inventory.

It is actually a common one for our bundle app users as you create the bundles for each variant and after sale comes through we split the order into the correct SKU which means its stock gets updated correctly. We also run a separate process that recalculates the correct inventory of all bundles linked to the master SKU.

If you would like help in setting up and testing out please email us.



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