Best app to send email with custom products?

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Hello Shopify Community,

We are looking for a best app (or combo of apps) to send our customers emails with products from our store, that are specific their sizes.

We sell high quality running shoes with minor imperfections that have been certified by brand approved experts.  This inventory rotates daily and is typically in very limited quantities. 

Currently we send out general emails now that new inventory has arrived, but we would like to be able to segment our customers better so that they emails with only the size and category of items they are looking for. 

In an optimal scenario we'd love for people to be able to sign up for email notifications with their name, email address and shoe size. The goal would be for them to only get weekly emails that featured the shoes in the size they requested.

Big thanks in advance!

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I have a couple ideas here:

1) Klaviyo is my preferred email marketing app for ecommerce stores, you can segment customers like this (preferences, what they bought in the past, etc), and there is a lot of data gathering to choose. You can create custom email signup forms too. Here's an article I wrote about my experience with Klaviyo and why I like it (automated marketing woohoo!) -

Something like a multi consent form could work for what you're wanting to do:

2) Another way to do it, regardless of email marketing software is to tag your customers based on the product type or size they bought. Then you can export those customers by tag into a list that you can then upload into your email marketing software and keep them in a segment. With any top level email marketing software that integrates with Shopify you should be able to keep the lists in sync.

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Hope this helps!

Thank you!

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