Best App to setup these product options?

Best App to setup these product options?

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Hi, I'm looking for an app that can show multiple product options. A lot of apps do this, but I haven't found one that gets the 'custom price based on dimensions' right. You see, the price per 1 m2 is 150 - but everything below 1 m2 should be €136. 

That last bit is tricky. The question is: does anyone know an app that can provide such pricing?

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The app is used to setup product options you see now: Easify Options (great app, but sadly lacks that pricing option which is the most import option).

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Hi @sla1 😊


This is Ellie from BOGOS (formerly Free Gifts by Secomapp), the #1 Promotion App on Shopify.


I found this app that can help with what you need: MS Custom SizePrice Calculator. With this app, you can:

  • Calculate the price & Visualize the product in a custom size before Purchase
  • Calculate the Price Based on Dimension like Hight and width or Quantity



Please try it on your end, and let me know if it's what you need! 


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