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Recently being watching YT videos on how to set up digital downloads on Shopify and nearly all of them demonstrate using the free Shopify Digital Downloads app. However reading the reviews this app seems pretty rubbish, the more recent reviews indicate it's got a lot worse since they updated it. I was wondering if there's a better alternative that's free or at least has a free plan option? Digital downloads won't be a large part of my store so not really worth paying for anything. I just need a simple app - is the Shopify Digital Downloads really that bad or are the reviews somewhat unfair?

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Hello @Robert_Smith_UK,


Today, the Shopify Digital Downloads app is a top-rated, free app on Shopify that facilitates the sale of digital content. It provides a user-friendly interface to enable you to sell your digital products effortlessly on your Shopify store.

The app provides instant access to content for customers, and updates are automatically sent to them. Additionally, you can mix and match your products to include both physical and digital products in one order.


You can also consider these apps:

  • SendOwl
  • FetchApp
  • Sky Pilot
  • Courses

 Some of the apps are designed for narrower niches and will not suit everyone.


If you want to overview all available apps for digital products selling, visit the Shopify App store and read not just full descriptions, but also detailed customer reviews.


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The new Digital downloads is not user friendly for the admin. Every time I go into the app to retreive a link I first have to choose - Files with digital downloads. Why isn't there a way to save this view like you have in orders?


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Hi @laurakoren,

You can use Digital Download appQuickly set up your digital products, control payment and fraud checks, customize and translate customer emails and download pages, and then let the automated process take over. You can sell digital products like books, tutorials, license keys and software couldn't be easier. 24/7 friendly support available at all times.

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You also try Digital Products app. This app supports you sell digital downloads, files, digital products and license keys in a few clicks. 

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Hi @Robert_Smith_UK,

You can try this Digital Download app. You can deliver digital products easily, including books, pdfs, video, music, license keys and software.

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