Best Helpdesk to use? Zendesk, Gorgias, gladly?

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Hey guys, I'm looking to start using a Helpdesk given the large amount of incoming emails I have right now that are pretty overwhelming. Before I jump in and commit, I was hoping to get some opinions. What are the best Helpdesks to use for your teams? What are the benefits and how easy are the tools within to set up to best optimize the overall system?

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We use Gorgias internally and love it. Simple layout, integrates well into our Social Media, Emails, SMS and Shopify. The analytics when it comes to response time, CSAT and how much revenue we drive is also really helpful. It's definitely a good amount of work to set up though. has helped us our with both getting us all set up on Gorgias when it comes to optimizing our views/macro's/automations etc. but also handle all of our inbound support. Gorgias + TalentPop is a great combo