Best multi lingual option?

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Hey there, 

I’d like some recommendation for my website please ☺️

My plan is to offer an English version of my website, which is currently in French. 

I’ve looked over a few apps and I could find an easy way to make it happen however I have one concern : 

Some of my images have text included, and I would like to know if there is a way to change them according to the language?

At first I was thinking maybe by having a multi lingual app, I could be able to change the page link so that I would just have to duplicate a page with pagefly and translate it myself, but that doesn’t seem to be an available option?

Thanks for your time everyone 🙌💎

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Thank you that's interesting. I'll have a look!
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Thank you it's interesting I'll have a look. The max plan for image translation is quite pricey though.

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Hi @Balia ! 

Since you want to offer an English version of your website, we would proudly introduce Transcy as the most suitable choice. 

Transcy can translate the content on any pages of your store (product pages, collection pages,...) into different languages of your target market. Moreover, we also provide media translation feature that you can change and add specific images for every translated version of your store. 

Right now Transcy is providing free 7-day trial for all users to try out all of our essential features. Therefore, you can take a free ride without fear of wasting your money. 

Discover Transcy here and don't hesitate to contact us if your have any questions: 

Transcy - Powerful Translation & Currency Converter Solution! 

Hope this could be a good solution for you! And don't forget to give us a Like if you find this helpful. 


Transcy Team 


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Hi Balia,

You can also try our beautiful app Langshop to get your store fully translated into English from your default French. As for the images, we can provide you the possibility to change images in your product descriptions according to the language chosen, so that means you may add images with different texts and show them to appropriate visitors automatically.

You are also always available to correct any part of automatic translations, and we already have a great experience of our clients worked with a Pagefly generated pages being fully translated with Langshop.

Enjoy your 14-days free trial to test all the great functions of our app and don't hesitate to contact us at any moment:

Best regards,

Alexey Pleten​

Techsupport Manager,

Langshop App.

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