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I'm designing a Showit website that links to a Shopify website for potential client. She sells custom balloons online and would like her client to be able to choose several options for what they would like for their balloon. Example: they can choose theme/foil balloon from what she has in-stock, as well as add on Poppable cash or candy balloons, custom vinyl name decals, helium bouquets, etc. 

Would you recommend a specific app for this, such as this one? Or by default is there something that Shopify already offers? I personally have not designed a Shopify website, but have designed Squarespace and Showit sites, along with checking out a little bit of Shopify web design. 

Thank you!

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Hi @kyleighwarnke ,

The product option Shopify provides is quite barebones and I highly recommend using a 3rd-party product options app to fit your client's need. Please take a look at this guide to understand about which app is best suit for your request.

And if you're looking for a better way to design your Shopify website, take a look at PageFly - #1 page builder app on Shopify with highly customizable elements to fit your request, whether it's landing pages or product pages.


Cheers =))


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You can use product customization app