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Hi, I am a boutique owner using Shopify. My business has been open since 2018. When you click on a product & sort it by best sellers, it shows best sellers throughout all the years we’ve been open. My question is: Is there a way to edit the best seller list to only show best sellers within the past month? Or at least within recent times. If any knows anything please reach out. Thanks so much!

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Hello BrandNewYou,

Apps like "Fire Filter" or "Smart Filter" allow you to create custom sorting rules for your collections. You might be able to configure a rule that sorts products based on sales within a specific timeframe . 

off topic: do you track your conversions ?


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There isn't a native way to do this within Shopify, you can only see your all time best sellers as you said. You can however achieve this with an app, Rank King: Best Seller Ranking for example. You can use the collection sort feature to automatically sort any collection this months best sellers or best sellers of the last x days etc.. Alternatively you can use the widget to show your monthly best sellers anywhere in your store theme.