Best Shopify app(s) with these inventory management features?

Best Shopify app(s) with these inventory management features?

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I'm looking for apps (preferably one app) that can handle:

  • Tracking inventory with bundles
  • Gives an alert on email or Shopify when inventory is low
  • Forecast customer order quantities based on historical data to help with future restocking

I mainly sell bundled products that come with multiple individual items. Currently I'm doing manual stock counts so I'm looking for a more efficient stock management app. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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Hi @souperdouper yes I have a great solution for you that will connect with your Shopify store, enable clear visibility for each item in your warehouse, then enable you to 'kit' together your bundles so they can be assembled, picked, packed, and shipped. SKUSavvy is a modern Shopify inventory management system that will help on the purchasing side with forecasted replenishment based on order volume and lead time, streamlined product check-in to the warehouse, inventory tracking with visual warehouse layout for bin locations.


SKUSavvy is built for mobile devices and will enable scanning of inventory so you can be sure you've got the right products going into the correct bundle in your store, alongside ordering other items. Along with kitting and warehouse management, SKUSavvy can help you with the full pick-pack-ship workflow required to get more orders out the door faster. 


Signup with no credit card required, and you can cancel anytime. I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether this might be a good solution for you or not. 




The best Shopify Inventory Management App: Purchases, Bin Locations, Visual Inventory, Warehouse Management, Pick Pack Ship, Cycle Counts, and more.
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👏 shoutout to skusavvy

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Hi @souperdouper 


This is Jun from Bundle Kit


Our app is able to meet your needs as it is primarily a bundle inventory management system so it will also be able to track the SKUs for variants of each product.

Proper quantity will also be taken out of the inventory of each bundle that is being purchased, however, since Bundle Kit bundles are built on top of normal Shopify products, I'm afraid to say that our app won't give an alert or email notification when inventory is low. 

You might want to try adding this app called Low Stock Alert for that particular feature. 


The last requirement that you mentioned is also non-existent with our app. 

We hope you can still give our app a try despite its limitations.


Let me know if you have any questions. 

Bundle Kit enables businesses to easily build product kits, sync inventory of bundle and bundled products sold, and fulfill bundle orders.

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Hi @souperdouper,

I believe our Multi Source Inventory app from ConnectPOS is the missing piece to your puzzle!  

Our product allows you to easily:

- Create bundle products and set price

- Send you an email to notify when the stock is running low

- Provide predictions about customers' behaviors based on saved data 

Do not hesitate to contact us to book a free demo and receive the best consultation from our 24/7 customer support team!

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.

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Hi souperdouper! 


You can check out's shopify app here. We have a shopify app that helps you manage your bundles, alerts you on low inventory, and there is also a stocktake function to help you with your needs. 


Manage Your Orders

You can manage orders easily with Hubbed's easy status filtering. 



Generate Picklist

With the orders, you can generate a picklist that helps you to pick your items easily in your warehouse.



Create Bundles

You can add products to the bundle easily on Hubbed. Hubbed does the inventory deduction and automatic counting of how many bundles you can fulfil with existing inventory. 





Create and Automate Purchase Order

You can create purchase orders and automate according to date, or stock level 🙂 




Create purchase order


Inventory Insights

Get a good understanding of your top sellers, slow moving items, and top customers.






Stocktake Function

You can easily upload your stocktake file, or just key in stocktake results on our app, and it syncs directly with shopify. 






Other Bonus Features

We also have features like

- expiry date management

- multi-channel integration to Shopee and Lazada 


Hope this helps! 🙂 will be happy to walk you through the features as it is a pretty packed app.