Best way to connect Google Ads, Anyalitcis, Merchant Center and Serch Console

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I'm moving over to Shopify from Woocomerce and need to connect all my Google accounts, ads analytics etc.


Which is the best way to do it?


Any feedback would be great.


Thanks. Alan

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Hi @alanbrimm 
You can follow below steps to manage google accounts, ads analytics



  1. Google Analytics: Setting Up Google Analytics 4 (GA4):
    1. Create a GA4 Property:
      - Go to Google Analytics.
      - Click on "Admin" at the bottom left.
      - In the "Property" column, click on "Create Property".
      - Follow the prompts to set up a new GA4 property.
    2. Install Google Analytics 4 in Shopify: - From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Preferences.
      - In the "Google Analytics" section, paste your GA4 Measurement ID.
      - To find your Measurement ID, go to your GA4 property in Google Analytics, click on "Admin" > "Data Streams", and then select your stream to find the Measurement ID.
    3. Enable Enhanced Ecommerce:
      - In your GA4 property, go to "Admin" > "Ecommerce Settings".
      - Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting.
  2. Google Ads: Setting Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing:
    1. Link Google Ads with Google Analytics:
      - Go to your Google Ads account.
      - Click on "Tools & Settings" (wrench icon) > "Linked accounts".
      - Under "Google Analytics", click on "Details".
      - Find your Analytics property and click on "Link".
    2. Add Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tag:
      - In your Google Ads account, go to "Tools & Settings" > "Measurement" > "Conversions".
      - Click the "+" button to create a new conversion action.
      - Choose "Website" and follow the prompts to set up conversion tracking.
      - After setup, you'll get a tag code snippet.
      - In Shopify, go to Online Store > Preferences.
      - In the "Google Ads Conversion Tracking" section, paste your tag code snippet.
    3. Enable Remarketing:

        - Go to your Google Ads account.

        - Click on "Tools & Settings" > "Shared library" > "Audience manager".

        - Set up an audience source for Google Analytics.

  3. Google Merchant Center: Setting Up Google Merchant Center:
    1. Create a Google Merchant Center Account:

         - Go to Google Merchant Center.

         - Click on "Get started" and follow the prompts to create your account.

    2. Link Google Merchant Center to Shopify:

         - From your Shopify admin, go to Apps and search for the "Google & YouTube" app by Shopify.

         - Install the app and follow the prompts to connect your Google Merchant Center account.

         - The app will help you submit your product data to Google Shopping.

  4. Google Search Console: Setting Up Google Search Console:
    1. Add Your Shopify Store to Google Search Console:

         - Go to Google Search Console

         - Click on "Add Property" and enter your Shopify store URL.

         - Choose the verification method (preferably HTML tag).

    2. Verify Your Shopify Store:
      - To verify using HTML tag, copy the provided HTML tag.
      - In Shopify, go to Online Store > Preferences.
      - In the "Google Search Console" section, paste the HTML tag in the "Verification Code" field.
      - Go back to Search Console and click "Verify".
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Hello Alanbrimm,


link the merchant center with the app google from the apps 



2. Track your conversion for your desired platform via Google tag manager.

like : facebook pixel

         google analytics 4

         google ads

create tag trigger variables to track the conversion and the purchase journey of a customer. 




if you need any further help regarding this setup or conversion tracking feel free to ask anything.  I did setup for my clients before.


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