[Beta] Inventory Assistant App - Looking for early adopters for feedback

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Hello awesome people of the Shopify Community,

We developed an app that predicts approaching stock outs and provides insights on the inventory lifecycle. Our primary goal is to minimise the revenue loss due to stock outs.

I believe members here are quite open for innovation and collaboration. Many of you probably tried more apps than an average Shopify user so you have a sharp eye for telling if an app is useful or not from miles away 😉

How to participate?

  • Simply message me your Shopify store URL or reply under this thread.
  • I will reach out to you immediately and share the Shopify App Store URL of our product. (it is unlisted so you can't find it on the store right now)
  • As a token of our appreciation you will get free usage until Dec 1st and receive 20% discount if you decide using it after that date.

What does this app do?

  • Forecasting future out of stock cases per SKU
  • Analysing sales velocity of each SKU
  • Analysing sales at risk due to stock outs
  • Analysing total inventory value
  • Showing total amount of sales lost due to stock outs
  • ..... many more features helping you to manage your inventory and supply are being built as we speak.

No, the app cannot harm your store because...

  • The app cannot change your store data (product info, inventory etc.)
  • The app does not slow down your store since it doesn't load on the frontend.

Developers, agencies, store owners, app designers...

I am open to meet with anyone interested in what we are doing. Feel free to message me and we can have a Zoom call if you like.

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