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Does anyone know of an app for Shopify that allows customers to book appointments online for on-site home services? (our company offers mobile car-washing services: we come to you).

We have two teams (two vans) of car-washers that need to be booked and scheduled based on location within one city.

This isn't as easy as booking, say, hair-dresser appointments (where customers come to the shop). Instead, the booking system needs to examine postal codes / addresses and book the right van/team (based on that team's sector of the city) and ideally factor in travel times (and build in time buffers) if two back-to-back customers are extra far apart.

Does anyone know if any of the many booking apps do this sort of advanced work?

Thank you!


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Hey there,

Did you ever find anything for this? What did you end up using? I have a similar need.