Booking app with Admin Calendar and Purchase Approval

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Hey there Shopify community, 

I'm looking for an app for my client with the following features:

-Customer calendar with the available dates.

-Admin calendar or integration with google calendar to view booked appointments.

-Customers book the appointment with the requirement that the Admin approves the purchase before they are charged. 

-Integrates to the Shopify POS. Once approved the customer can use the Shopify POS to pay. 


I've looked at several booking apps, but i'm unsure if they will provide all of these capabilities.

Any recommendations on an app or apps that would work together to achieve this?


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Hi @Miss_Misa

Have you tried Sesami booking app, you can have your staff calendar for customers to choose and it can be connected with Google Calendar. It's connected to your Product: Physical POS or Online meeting, and you can reject or approve their booking since it's counted as Order - and Shopify allows merchants to do that.

For customer availability, I don't think any app has that feature since not all customer always has an available online schedule, more likely they need to align with staff/your business availability.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


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Thanks @PageFly-Victor ,

I'm testing out the trial for Sesami and Tipo. So you mentioned that they are connected to the product so you can reject/accept the purchase. Does that mean that it will be pending until you accept? Will they put in the payment information after it is accepted? My client would like to manually approve the bookings and have collect the payments after approval. That is the one feature I wasn't sure they offered. I'm wondering if an app that requests a quote might be more fitting, but she would like that admin calendar as well. Is there some unicorn app that is a mix of a booking and request a quote? Or code that I could add to one or the other?

In regards to the customer calendar that i mentioned, I was referring to the admin availability. Meaning a calendar on the product that the customer can view with the admin's availability. I believe most booking apps offer this as a standard. Sorry for that confusion. 

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Thanks @PageFly-Victor for suggesting Sesami.

Hey @Miss_Misa ,

As you already explored, Sesami can do all of the above (especially the POS piece) and not the reservation part where we reserve until an appointment is confirmed.

However, when an admin books an appointment for a client, you can send an invoice to the clients, and upon payment that'll be confirmed in the system (no reservation for the pending period).

We do have a soft reservation feature where we keep a customer-selected time for up to 1 hour.

Also, we always encourage businesses to offer auto-confirmations and use Shopify payment config as AUTHORIZED so you can always release the authorization and cancel the appointment if that's not going to happen. You can explain to your client that this will increase the revenue at the same time giving flexibility to the customer.

It'll worth noting that we do have a customer cancellation and rescheduling feature as well, in case it's the customer who wants to make a change.

Please send us an email to or book a demo call at in case you have a follow up question.

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Hi Miss Misa...did you find a solution to this? I'm looking for something similar?