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Box builder app help

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Does anyone have experience with this app? I installed it this week to make it easy for customers to create their own gift boxes (and add products they select) but having issues….

1) the page randomly flickers (9 times out of 10)

2) new products that I’ve added today in box builder are not showing up on my live website as options (but I can find them if I search)

3) I have added a step for the customer to choose a giftcard and write their message (this is only for create your own boxes). Can I add some code so customers who see this page won’t see the ‘add a gift note’ box at checkout? Customers buying ready made boxes still need the gift note option at checkout.

url is:

Would appreciate any help! Thanks.

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For app specific issues contact that specific apps developers for more direct support.

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Thanks @PaulNewton . They have been less than helpful which is why I thought I’d try here. Reluctant next step is to uninstall the app and look for another app which can do the same thing…

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Hy EandT, I don't think that you would need the help of an app for creating gift boxes, it can be done by coding easily. but you can try reinstalling the app without any further coding or switch to another good application. that will do your job.

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