Building a community on Shopify

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We have just launched a new app that we would love feedback on.  It transforms your Shopify Store to a community with user profiles with microshops, live shopping, product discussions, reviews, customer magazine and more:


1. Installation is easy. just drag the modules where you want them

Stackend Page (1).png



2. Fancy looking magazine layout for posts. Selected editors or everyone can create depending on how you set up the rules!

customer magazine front.png

 3. Editors can mix text, image, videos and products, fully shoppable in posts! Click on the product and stackend slides it out instead of redirecting!

customer magazine article.png



4. Customer profiles with social feed where your customer can share images, text, videos and mix it with your products fully shoppable!

customer magazine profile.png


All ideas are welcome! We love feedback! 

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