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Building a simple CRM for Shopify store owners

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I'm working on building a very simple CRM specifically for Shopify shop owners and would love feedback for initial features / must-haves.

If you were looking for a CRM for your store what would you expect from it? This is what I'm starting with:

  • Import customers / orders from shopify
  • Manage interactions (email / sms)
  • Take notes and Add Reminders

You can see the initial landing page here:

I would rather get feedback before adding too many useless features, the goal here is to keep it simple. Please have a look at the pricing page as well to see if it makes sense for you.

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CRM stands for customer relationship management. Custom CRM developments allow you to obtain insight into your business, evaluate your market, record your marketing and sales strategies, automate your marketing workflow, and use excellent reporting tools for forecasting and analytics.

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