Built for Shopify Requirements and Theme App Extensions

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I got rejected from Built for Shopify for minor things. That's not a problem I will work on the details to solve these issues.


One of the rejection reason was that "Theme App Extensions only" I use ScriptTag, not Assets API. And we have Theme App Extensions. We support old themes, new ones. There's some apps that have the Built for Shopify badge that don't respect these guidelines. They have Theme App Extensions and ScriptTag.


So other can have better "UX" than us ? Less friction with "automatic" ScriptTag activation. I feel that's a bit unfair.


I don't have any problems with the rules, but why some apps are authorised to not follow them ? Or maybe there's something I don't understand well? Is there a way to have direct contact with the team also? Lot of blurry parts in the rejection. Thanks!

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