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For my store I wanted to start using a different payment method so our inventory can be handled easier. We currently sell products in packs of 10, 100, and 1000 and this is very difficult to handle inventory with. Wanted to move to a solution where discounts can be placed on a order depending on the quantity ex. 50+, 100+, 1000+. I would want a table to be added onto my site like the one below explaining the pricing and would only want the purchaser to be able to add up by increments of 50. This would allow us just to put the raw number of how many carts we have in inventory and make it simple. Does anyone know any app that has the functionality? I've looked through 20+ bulk discount apps and haven't found anything.


ex. https://vapepenswholesale.com/collections/empty-oil-cartridges/products/empty-1ml-510-black-tip-vape...


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I can do something like this if you'd like to email me specific requirements: dan.laframb@gmail.com

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You can consider Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App by BOLD. This app doesn't have the needed functionality, but it allows you to be creative with promotions:
give discount by percentage off, a dollar amount off, or a fixed price.
apply sales at a variant, collection, or store level, or to hand-picked products only.
set up a sale in seconds storewide.


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This app has none of the described functionality on this post.

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You would need a wholesale app that can enable B2B price breaks on your products. Use this app or something similar to change the storefront side of Shopify, and use SKUSavvy to handle the back-end operations for pick and pack.

The best Shopify Inventory Management App: Purchases, Bin Locations, Visual Inventory, Warehouse Management, Pick Pack Ship, Cycle Counts, and more.
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thanks! will see if this solution works on my website.

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I hope this app could offer the solution you are looking for:



Quantity X is a volume discount app with an upsell funnel. Try for free https://bit.ly/Quantity-X