Bulk pricing app compatible with product options (customization) app

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We need to be able to offer bulk pricing tiers for some of our product. We also would like to add a bundled product (without bulk pricing) where customers can select their choice of several options (including upsells/upcharges) and are looking for one or more apps that actually work together to achieve this in Shopify. Has anyone made this work? What are you using?


If this can't be done, this may be the straw that breaks us and forces us to leave Shopify for a competitor (that actually has this functionality built in to their platform). Thanks!

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You'll likely need to go through a series of apps to try and find a solution if you want to do this with off the shelf apps as the problem with product-customization apps is they may either only generate the final product at checkout time, or they use the draft orders system. 

Which in turn becomes incompatible with bulk pricing apps that may do the exact same thing.


If your on Shopify Plus you can use checkout scripts to adjust pricing during checkout.


If you have complicated pricing rules and product tailoring ,and your current app combinations do not use the draft order system to create checkouts , you could use a tool like usemechanic to create a custom process to create the products/pricing at /cart>checkout time




Often something just has to give and instead of being done through an app it's done through the theme itself such as upsells or product bundling, or doing things like bulk pricing by having duplicate products at the different price breakpoints, or bulk purchases are handled on a seperate store,  or an automatic discount setup only for certain conditions.

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Hi @Julie_Olson,

For your custom product options needs, the Easify Product Options app is an excellent choice. With a selection of 25 option input types, it offers versatility in crafting your options. Moreover, it supports the creation of Tiered wholesale pricing. Give it a try to see if it suits your needs 🤗!

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