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Hey app developers (and Shopify staff if anyone is answering posts these days)....


Here' s two scenarios:


1) We sell booze. So we created a product with a bottle of vodka + 4 mixers for a set price. But we need the customer to choose which mixers they want and how many of each. Is there an app for that?


2) In a product listing for a bottle of gin, we'd like to have a visible upsell section where we specify which products we've like to upsell, for example, tonic water, 7-up and soda soda water.


QUESTION 1 – I know there are apps for #2 (which one is best?), but what about #1?

QUESTION 2 – Is there a SINGLE app that does both?


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @zippbike,


Nick here from Shopify. Great questions! 


Let's look into answering your questions. There are several different product option apps in the Shopify App Store for #1 which we can explore here, you can see the one's I like the best below: 


For #2, you can see the apps I like best for it below: 


In terms of finding an app which does both, some of the above apps might have some crossovers, but none outright state it. It might be best to find the one you like from both and see if either can help in that sense, but I would say looking into two apps might be the best option. Let me know if any of these work for you!


All the best, Nick

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Thanks, I'm currently testing Bold, but will also look at the other ones.

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@zippbike if you are unable to find an app that does both these features can be done with a one time theme customization.

The bundle is like an order form customization.

The upsell is like a related products , or tag based recommended products customization

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@PaulNewton – Thanks. That's not the direction we plan to go, but if that should change I'll keep you in mind.

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App Selly can help you to create both bundle and up-sell and it also has many other features:



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hi, thanks for the reply. I looked briefly at your app, but now will go back and have a closer look.

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Hi there, 

I recommend Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app, coming up to your expectations (number #2) by allowing users to pickup the target products (your targeting  beverage: tonic water, 7up, soda, etc), therefore, your customer will receive a discounted upsell.

We're going to launch the feature #1 in the next few days, all-in-one feature that you're looking for.

So here is the link, hope this do help: 


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Thanks. New one to me. I'll have a look.

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Hello! That is a great question!

We recommend that you check out some of our apps on Shopify: Simile. We have apps that address a variety of concerns (including bundling and upsell!) If our apps do not perfectly suit your needs, you may contact our developers and we could potentially offer a more personalized solution for you.


Hope this helps!