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Bundle Builder & One Click Upsell clashing

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I want to use Bundle Builder app and OCU app.

I've understood that both these apps require access to Drafts Order. Shopify only allows one app to access Draft orders. Both of these apps offer a discount function which I'm being told is the reason they need to access draft order.

Here's ideally what I'd like:

Build your own bundle with option for tiered discounts. 

Pre and post purchase upsell discounts.


Any ideas on what options there are?


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Shopify Partner
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Hey there, 

Tasha here with Oneclickupsell🖐

Sorry, you're having trouble here with Bundle apps and OCU. 

Bundle apps and Discounts At this time there is a pre-purchase upsell incompatibility issue between OCU and apps that auto-apply discounts because they work with cart updating the discounts.

Basically, the OCU script and the Bundle script are trying to manipulate the same aspects of Shopify and the code conflicts.


We typically recommend using either OCU pre-purchase upsells or a different bundle/pre-purchase app instead for pre-purchase offers on your store. You can still use one-click post-purchase upsell offers and the TY Page offer in both cases! 

Let me know if you have any other questions I can assist you with.

Tasha Zipify Apps Lead App Specialist