Bundle / Discount App that handle International Pricing?

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Hi All,

We've moved on to using international pricing - specifically so that different countries have a specific fixed price for a product, not linked to exchange rates. 

It's working fine for normal purchases, and Shopify can handle discounts natively through percentages. E.g. 10% a €100/£100 product becomes €90/£90. Easy!

However, I need an app that handles bundles, add-ons etc that used international price - everything keeps using exchanges rates instead and ignoring the actual 'fixed' price and working from the original euro pricing.

For example, a lot I'm testing will do the above as:
10% of €100 is €10, which is about £8.59. So 10% of £100 = £91.30!

Which as you can imagine is a problem. 

My other favourite is an upsell that offers a £10 gift for free, then asks the customer for the remaining £1.30 at checkout.

Does anyone know of any apps that can handle this? Injecting into pagemakers is also a must too as please.


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Hey Jon

Do you orders show different currencies for different orders? Our bundle app just converts the order into the specific components. So if the order is set to a specific currency it should just be a mathematical change. We would have to test it out to confirm. If you would like to discuss further or have us test further just send me an email to tom@channelup.io.



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