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Bundle offers to be stackable

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We're currently using Playwright Scripts to manage our bundles.  We have bundles we offer that are usually things like "buy two apples for $x" or "buy one apple and one orange for $x".

The problem is that these types of bundle deals aren't stackable with another app we want to use and as the bundling uses Shopify Scripts, which is being deprecated next year, we want to get away from it as soon as is possible.  Playwright Scripts also does not offer support for their app.

Essentially, we want our customers to just add items to their cart and then when they go to check out, it can choose the best bundle for them. 


The new bundles that have rolled out from Shopify initially seemed promising, but the native app doesn't fit these needs. Does anyone know of any apps or app developers that are capable of building something a bit more fit for purpose?

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