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I am looking for an app that will make selling yarnpacks easy.


One type of yarn might have 50 colors. And if you want to knit a sweater, you would choose what colors you want to knit in. But i provide pictures of inspiration and my customers buys the colors that i use. Total amounts of yarnballs depends on the size and the pattern. Now from a collection page where you can pick a sweater you like, and now can add yarn. I want the customer to get to a site where its only the "right" yarn for the speficif sweater they chose. if its a black and white sweater you would only be presented with black yarn and white yarn, but how many yarnballs you would need, the customers enter manually. 

But becaouse every knitter use different amount of yarn(even in same size) want the customers to manually add the amount of yarnballs in each color. the customers pays for each yarnball they add.

This site have made the thing im trying to make: https://www.nostenett.no/products/mariusgenser-med-vr-bord-garnpakke 

I have tried to google about different bundles app, but i dont think that is the right app.





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This is an accepted solution.

Hey @WaqasAli,

The PickyStory app does exactly this through the Shop the Look and bundle features. You can show an inspirational photo and link the relevant products to it, so your shoppers can pick the right color, quantity, and other options if available.

Here's an example:


Hope this helps!



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