Bundle / "Ingredient SKU" app with bulk upload functionality?

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I sell t-shirts for kids and I print them on demand. I offer a few different color t-shirts. I keep blank t-shirts in inventory, and print different designs on them when customers order. 

I need an app that will: 

  • Debit one "ingredient SKU" (the blank shirt) on the back end when I sell a product 
  • Show a product as out of stock when the "ingredient SKU" is out of stock (e.g. When I'm out of 4T grey t-shirts, designs A, B, C, and D all show as unavailable in that size/color.)
  • Handle all this well with variations of size/color
  • CRITICAL: Allow bulk creation of relationships between "ingredient SKUs" and customer-facing products. When color and size variations are taken into account I have about 1000 line items, so creating relationships one by one just isn't realistic.
  • Cost less than $20/month.

Shopify Assistant nearly got me there, but without the bulk upload functionality it just doesn't quite meet my use case.

Anyone know of anything? 

Many thanks,



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Shopify Staff
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Hi Courtney,

Thanks for reaching out on the forums!

There is a new app in beta in the app store that just might work- https://apps.shopify.com/craftybase

I would recommend reaching out to them to see if they are suitable for you and help you to do all these things, because the app isn't 100% clear on whether its able to block an items sale when one part of your total product is out of stock!

I would also suggest the same for Shopify Assistance.. you never know if an app developer will be able to create custom functions for you!


Anne :)

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Hi Courtney, 

I have exactly the same problem to be solved.

Did you find something to work?