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Bundling variants between products to keep track of inventory

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Our products (blackout curtains) include several variants that are shared between products and we would like to keep track of inventory across all products and have our product page look clean and professional. 


For example, all of our blackout curtain options have the following variants to choose from:


1) Length (59", 80", and 91")

2) Window Plate Color (Black, White, Beige)


These variants are shared between each of our product listings and we would like to accurately keep track of inventory between all products (e.g., if we sell out of black window plates we want this option to be sold out across all of our product listings).


Is there an app that keeps our product page looking clean (it doesn't have a separate pop-up widget for bundling and would preferably work with our current themes product variant display)?


Here is our website for reference:



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Hi @otterspace 


This is Jun from Bundle Kit. Our app is able to meet your needs.


Bundle Kit bundles are built on top of normal Shopify products and Shopify supports up to 3 variant options and 100 variants per product, therefore, for your example, you will first need to create a dummy bundle product in Shopify.


Under 'Options', you can do the following:

Option name 1: Length
Option values: all variants 


Option name 2: Window Plate Color

Option values: all variants 


Using our app, convert this into a bundle. We have step-by-step instructions here:

The bundle inventory is automatically set based on the available inventories of the bundle item(s), including the inventories of the variants.


Bundle Kit does not inject any CSS/JavaScript/Liquid code to the storefront, therefore, it cannot impact a merchant's store theme or page performance.


For more information, please see this help article


Hope it helps!

Bundle Kit enables businesses to easily build product kits, sync inventory of bundle and bundled products sold, and fulfill bundle orders.
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Hey OtterSpace,


Muhammad here from the Fast Bundle support team.


You can easily create combo product with our app. When you activate the option of combo product on a simple bundle, we will create a virtual (dummy) product on your Shopify that is mapped to the items in the bundle. The combo will have an independent product page in which the bundle will appear and you can select the variants of each item in the bundle.

The variant display will not be exactly as same as the one you currently have, but we have the color swatch mode for variant selection which I think will support the functionality 😉 


Please take a look at the following links which are from some of our customers and our demo-store:

F.C. Sevilla

Discount Supplements

Fast Bundle sample


And most important, it is totally synced with your inventory and you can choose to display/not display the sold out bundles.


Have a nice time,


Shopify Partner
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You can set this up using our bundle app. Each bundles components are managed in the background and update by two main features:


1. Bundle Inventory

Bundleup lets you connect up your bundled product to components and it then updates the inventory based on the component stock level. So when a component inventory changes all bundles that contain the product also update. This lets you add the same SKU to multiple bundles and they will all update based on the component SKU.


2. Component Inventory

When you sell one of the bundles the stock level of components won't reduce automatically. What Bundleup does is update the order post purchase by replacing the order line with the component SKUs as order lines which then reduces stock as per point 1 above.


We also offer a bulk csv file upload option so it is quicker to map all components in bundled products rather than doing them one by one in admin. This is handy when you are dealing with lots of variants and need a quick way of uploading and managing.





Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
MYOB Sync - connect your MYOB account to sync orders, customers, payments and inventory.
Get in touch with our team here.
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Hi @otterspace,


Absolutely, Simple Bundles is of help here! 


You can certainly accomplish this using our mix-and-match bundle configuration. To start, you can establish a basic product on Shopify that includes either your bundle variants or the individual products that constitute the bundle. 


You don't have to worry about the inventory as well because Simple Bundles adjust the inventory of the parent bundle based on the items this means that our app will recalibrate the inventory based on the quantity of the bundle that can be sold, given the current inventory of its components.




Here's what the options should look like based on your bundle requirements in Shopify. 



A quick screen recording here shows how it should similarly look on the storefront.


On your Shopify admin, you'll see the bundle along with its individual SKUs added to the order after the order is created. You still have the option to sell these individual SKUs separately.


If you have any questions, let us know, or reply to this thread if you need more help starting your bundle! Thanks!


Merchant Support Advisor at Simple Bundles & Freshly Inventory I Freshly Commerce