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Hi All,

Seeking an App developer who could build a Business Listings Directory App to integrate into Shopify! 

We are currently working with a Local Business Association client which alongside an e-commerce shop for selling local merchandise, also requires an area where local business can have individual business listings. 

We've looked at design workarounds, but an app solution to manage listing volume would be the ultimate solution.

Can anyone help?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello Sara,

Great question and I encourage everyone who is interested to post here! 🙂 At the same time you have probably seen this but just in case Shopify has our recommended app developers which can be found here.  I wanted to share that just in case you had not come across that page Sara.  🙂



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I'm also wondering if there is, or it is possible to develop a business listing directory app for my store. I wish to use it as an additional revenue generator on my store by selling listings to local recommended businesses.

Ideally there would be different levels, ie. a free or low cost basic listing, and a higher cost featured listing and businesses would be able to log in to manage their own listings.

Anybody know if anything like this exists already for Shopify, or if this can even be created for shopify?

Otherwise I might need to go with a different platform.


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Hi Sara,

Please share your requirement to and see what we can do for you



- Thanks!
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Hi Matt,

I was wondering if you knew someone who had built a directory app yet or someonoe you might be able to recommend?

Many thanks,


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Has anyone found or created this plug in? I need one for my shopify site. I’m currently directing to a word press site to handle this need.
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Most business directory plugins we see in the Shopify app store is to display multiple storefronts with Google map integration. Doesn't look like such a public app exists. Perhaps a private app? We're available for hire email us to discuss in detail how we could execute your vision.

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I am also interested in adding the ability for companies to add business listings/directory to my website as a side to my ecommerce store.

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I'm considering taking on this task, and I was hoping you could let me know your expectations of this app?


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I am interested in a Business Listing App too which I can integrate with my current Online Marketplace.
The app needs to offer:

- A user can search for a service professional in the area of their choice (by location selection: province and town) and can also search for a specific service from pre-determined options (plumber, hairdresser, dog walker etc)
- Banner ads and featured "ads) can be displayed on the dedicated page for these services, much like the already existing "featured collections" for the home page in Shopify, but which will feature specific services. That way this can be changed around regularly to feature various services.

I hope  that makes sense 🙂

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Hey MlkMahmud. Here is my shopping list.

- an "add business listing" button on my Shopify website that takes them to a page where there can add their business info (company name,logo address, website, phone #, email etc)

- ability for me to decide on the fields and categories I want.

- A business directory page (which looks like part of my existing shopify website) to display list of businesses by location or category

- a this stage not interested in taking payment for listings

That's all I need to start with.

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Hi everyone - has anyone come across this, or managed to find anything suitable ? 

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Wondering the same thing...

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We are very much in need of this type of business listing - with the same requirements that hedgey outlined.

Has anyone discovered or created anything similar??

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I am also looking for an app like this. In need of a business directory with these same requirements as hedgey described.

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Hey everyone,

We could not find an existing solution to add a business directory listing either. So we have built a custom app for our client with many functionalities matching those outlined by @hedgey.  If there is sufficient interest, we can release the app for the community as a whole. 

Please mail me at if you'd like to chat further. 

Below are couple of screenshots of the app in action: 

1. completed business listing on our client's website

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 5.16.45 PM.png

















2. options available to customize your form

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 5.23.29 PM.png

Email me at to chat further. 

Talk soon!

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Hi everyone,


I have just launched Storefolio Retail Directory, a photo-album style store directory app.


Admittedly it is not 100% what @hedgey has listed yet. At this stage, we are hoping to get some feedbacks first. If you have tried it and want to request for any feature, please contact me at


We are happy to improve it to make it work for a wider business needs.





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