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I am looking for an app that will do volume discounts (ex: buy 2 bottles, save 10%, buy 3 bottles, save 15%) but I need to also be able to apply a shopify order discount code on top. Every app I have tried so far gets rid of the volume discount when the order discount code is applied in the cart. I also need it to work with subscription and one-time purchases. 

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Hello @weheartnutritio 


I would recommend checking out the "iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell" Shopify app. It offers volume discounts where customers can save based on the quantity they purchase, and it allows you to apply Shopify order discount codes on top of these volume discounts. Plus, it's compatible with both subscription and one-time purchases, providing flexibility for your customers.


Here is the guide


Give it a try and see if it meets your needs!


iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell App

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Volume & Bulk Discount Prime:

The Volume & Bulk Discount Prime app optimizes promotions with volume deals, discounts, and pricing.
It seamlessly integrates into Shopify and allows you to set maximum and minimum purchase requirements for tier-based campaigns.
You can create volume discounts (e.g., buy 2 bottles, save 10%; buy 3 bottles, save 15%) and still apply order discount codes.


let me know if it is working or not.


off topic: how do you track your conversion or purchase journey?



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