buy X and get Y% off of all additional items you purchase

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We want to set up a discount that will be applied universally. Here's an example "Buy one and get 20% off each additional item in your order". Since it will be available to all customers, we don't want to use a discount code. Can we do this with Shopify discount functionality? If not, what app do you recommend?

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Shopify Staff
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Hi Blair,

Maggie here, Shopify Guru. 🙂

Thanks for reaching out! The only way to set up discounts natively on Shopify would be through the discounts panel, and currently the discounts section does not offer the functionality of the Buy X Get Y scenario. That said, we have many apps that can achieve this. Here are a few:

* Buy X Get One by Supple
* 8Upsell - Buy X Get Y
* Quantity Breaks

I hope this helps! You can contact support 24/7 if you have any more questions!

Maggie M | Shopify

Maggie | Shopify 
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Just picking up on Blair's point here - I am having trouble finding an app that actually works for this functionality.


It is not a traditional Buy X Get Y for Free or % Off - It's Buy X and get % Off Entire Store (Excluding X)


There a number of Plugins that achieve this for WooCommerce, but am having trouble finding one that works here?


EDIT: The standard Buy X Get Y Discount almost works - But it limits Y to the exact quantity specified. For example if "1" then you get the discount on first extra product you add, but not the second and subsequent extra products. Or if you increase that becuase you are happy for them get more, let's say "10" then a customer will only get a discount if they buy exactly 10 subsequent items, not 9 or 11. All we need is a second input for a range, so you can still enter 1 to 1, or 5 to 5 if you want specific, but you could also have 1 to 10, or 5 to 10 and so on.


2ND EDIT: Workaround is to duplicate the discount 100 (or up to the max items you want) times over, with each having a different Quantity - seems silly that you'd have to do this, but works. Only other snag is that each one has to have a slightly different name too.