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Calendar APP WITH/OR Price customization

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I have asked this question before but have not got any responses, I will try again but being more specific:)

The webshop I am creating is actually a service where the client (customer in this case) books a meeting (picks a time) on a calendar.
The meeting can range from 1h - 4h.

Example: If a customer books a meeting from 8pm-9pm, thats an hour, the cost for this hour is 4$. If the customer books a meeting from 8pm-12pm that will be a cost of $1 since this gives me an option to pop up any time at the customers house during these 4h.

After the time has been picked in the calendar, now the customer must choose a product. Product1 costs $1, product2 costs $2, product3 costs $3.

When the time in the calendar has been picked, and a product has been chosen, the customer can now checkout with their order.
Example: meeting between 10pm-11pm(1h meeting) + product2 = Customer pays $6 at the checkout.

I do not specifically need a calendar app if I somehow can create a dropdown on the checkout page where a customer can choose 8pm-9pm, 9pm-10pm, 10pm-11pm, 8pm-12pm... but I would still need to add some logic to this functionality where date is included.
Example: A customer can only book meetings (with a product) for tomorrow or any time after that, not for the same day.

I have looked at different apps:
Custom Price Calculator
Easy Appointment Booking
Tipo Appointment Booking
Booking Suite
Bespoke Shipping

None of these APPs show an option for customizing the calender(time/date) prices.

I am also not sure if I am overthinking this, since shopify is all new to me and the information has been overwhelming.

Please, if something is unclear I will do my best to explain.

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Anything that changes the price needs to be set up as a Shopify variant.

What you could do is set up two separate Shopify options, one for the duration of the service and one for the service itself.

The customer would then choose the Duration of the Service + the Service and the price would be the total price assigned to that variant combination.

BookThatApp supports the creation of dynamic timeslots based on the duration of the variant selected.  So for example if the customer chose a duration of 4 hours, then the time slot would be 8-12 pm.  If they chose a duration of 1 hour, then the timeslots would be 8-9, 9-10, 10-11 etc.   

If you think this may be a good fit, feel free to reach out to us at and we'll be happy to set you up with a demo to try it out.


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Thanks for your reply, I will book a meeting with you!