California Prop 65 Warning - Billing and Shipping Address are Different

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Hi folks, I am in the process of testing apps to determine which one I will use for a WARNING notification to comply with California Law on Prop 65.

I seem to be able to apply these to work correctly on the PRODUCT PAGE for anyone that is in California. I would rather NOT show the warning for anyone outside of California.

However, I'm not sure how to go about the following scenario:

What if a a customer in Wisconsin (Billing address and location - so, no pop up will occur ) ships an item to California (Shipping address)?

Ideally, once the Wisconsin resident enters CA as the shipping address, a warning should occur. However, I cannot find a way to enable a product warning once the Checkout process has already begun (ideally, wants shipping to California has been indicated).

Is there an app that can do this? Do I even need to worry about it?

Thank you in advance for your advice!

Apps I am testing, for reference:
Ultimate Product Warning by Enchant Ecom
Product Warnings/Notificationsby TurtleApps
Product Warnings on Checkoutby Elastic Soft

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Hi, We are having the same problem, I have tried many apps, and none of them had CA as geo-target 😞