Can an app create a multi-level tag prefix product filter?

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Does exist an app that can do a multi-level filter by tags?


I want something similar as Product Filter Search (, but here you are able to create a filter based on tag prefix or a multi-level filter based on tags. What I want is to create a multi-level filter based on the tag prefix.


For example, the first layer of the filter is defined by material groups that have "Material Group_" as a prefix. e.g.: "Material Group_Exotic Leathers". The second layer is defined by materials that have "Material_" as a prefix. e.g.: "Material_Python"


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Hi @Bcristian,


Currently Shopify does not support multi-level filter by tags.

This is Filter by tags:

You just do follow the post. In the case, you can't do that, you can hire a developer or use the filter app.


I hope it would help you.


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Hi @bcristian 

Currently, Shopify does not support multi-level filters by tags. Hence, I'd recommend you hire a developer or use a third-party app like If you need further support, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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You can try AI Search & Product filter to allow customers select multiple filters by tags at the same time.

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