Can an app handle multiple suppliers for different products?

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Do you know if there is any app that can handle more than one supplier ?


If i have 3 products A, B and C with 3 differents suppliers supplier A for product A, supplier B for product B, supplier C for product C, is it possible to automatically send the orders to each suppliers to they can ship directly the product to my customers ?


Kind of Oberlo but with private suppliers that i work with in my country directly





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Then I highly recommend u try Ourmall, It support multi-supplier& multi-store management. u can invite suppliers to join in, then allocate different orders to different suppliers for auto fulfilled. Each can do dropshipping for u independently.

More useful fuctions u can check the link below.

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Hey Tomas! Absolutely yes, that is exactly what Duoplane is built to do.

To further reiterate: If a customer orders Product A + Product B, Duoplane will split the order into two and send it to each supplier individually for them to fulfill. Once fulfilled, the supplier can also automate the process of sending the tracking information back to you, which automatically goes to your Shopify store and notifies your customer. It is simple and saves you a mind-blowing amount of time and resources.

The terminology for this process is "order routing." It's Duoplane's main functionality. You might also want to know that Duoplane has additional features such as automated shipping feeds, inventory syncing, and financial & operational analytics. You can also customize precisely how each supplier receives their order. They also have integrations with shipstation, shippingeasy, shippo, skuvault, QuickBooks, and Xero.


Best of all, their customer support is excellent, and you can get a free trial before making any commitment. Do your research to see what best suits your needs. Don't just take my word for it - check out Duoplane on the Shopify app store and read their reviews.


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Hey Tomas,


Sumtracker has the feature to store multiple suppliers for a product. You can save purchase price for a product against each supplier and then use it to create purchase orders.


Read more about the functionality here: