Can anybody recommend app which can accurately track Profit & Loss of my Shopify Store?

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I've used several Profit & Loss tracking app but not any app was good enough to report accurate profit and integrate Facebook and other marketing channel properly. Now Looking for an app which can integrate all marketing channel and add properly cost of good sold and others costs item so that I can get day to day accurate profit and loss report. 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Manny_La @Allie_Hattie you might also want to have a look at Polar Analytics. Built especially for Shopify, you have no data discrepancies and you can customize your revenue calculation. Integration with all the major data sources. They have a 14 days Free Trial if you want to try the App before paying.

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Hey Manny

I would recommend having a look at Adscale

It allows for integration with all major advertising channels with no data discrepancies, and allows you to see incomes and expenses based on customizable filters like time periods, countries, advertising channels, etc.

It also has a lot of insights specialized for your business, based on your statistics. Things like your CLV and repurchase frequency, and what you can do to improve them.

You can even create and manage all marketing campaigns through the app, for Facebook, Google, SMS, and email.

There's actually a free trial at the moment to test out the app, so you don't have to pay right away without testing it first.

If you have any questions I would gladly assist, feel free to message me at


Hopefully this helped 🙂

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Hello @Manny_La ,

We are OneCommerce - an eCommerce Solution Platform.


We do have an app called - TrueProfit , it allows you set up all the cost metrics ab d the process will be done automatically for you. It also include many metrics that you may forget to count in and track all your cost in real-time, you won't be interrupted. 

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