can anyone provide a list of useful free apps for bulk product, meta and tag edits

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need free apps list for

1. bulk media upload

2. bulk tags update

3. bulk product meta update

4. bulk category and subcategory creation


kindly suggest apps that you personally used and it worked well for you.

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ETL, Look for data import category of apps, or CSV apps.

Not gonna find "free" with that many different needs.


See ez-importer by highview, matrixify by ITissible , customr fields by helium dev


For custom scenarios automation apps like usemechanic, mesa, etc


Beyond that import/export is a common topic to search on the forums.

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Hello Webraaja,


Thanks for reaching out!!


Here is the list of free Shopify apps that you can use for bulk media upload:

  1. File Upload
  2. Smart Bulk Image Upload
  3. Product Imager Bulk Uploade
  4. Picsio: Bulk Image Upload


Here is the list of free Shopify apps for bulk tag updates and product meta updates:

  1. NA Bulk Price Editor
  2. Rubix Bulk Price Editor
  3. Variant Title King: Color SKU
  4. Power Tools Bulk Edit Tags
  5. EZ Bulk Edit Descriptions
  6. Metafields Guru
  7. Bulk Edit Mojo


Here is the list of Shopify apps for bulk category and subcategory creation:

  1. Categories Uncomplicated
  2. Category & Collection Sort | KX
  3. MultiVariants - Bulk Order


Also, if you wish to optimize your website's different pages and meta tags in bulk, you can consider SEOKart, which comes with a free plan. 


It is an all-in-one SEO app that lets you conduct an SEO audit to assess 15 SEO factors of your website to identify various SEO-related issues and fix them to improve the SEO score of your website.


Also, you can optimize the images, optimize the URLs, enable rich snippets, track the rank of the website for different keywords, get visual presentations of the data pulled up from Google Analytics, fix broken links, and track the page speed of the website.


With the help of the app, you can customize templates with the help of diverse labels (like product names, descriptions, SKUs, etc.) for different pages, and thereafter, optimize these pages on the basis of the templates in bulk.


Hope it helps!




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If you want a multi purpose app then try Hextom or Alblestar. They have free plan but for limited use only. But they offer diverse bulk edit options: price, descriptions,... 

We have a bulk price edit as well but for prices only. It is totally free, for unlimited usages (not for long), you may try it out and let me know your feedback ^^. It's called SALE+ Flash Sale and Price edit

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This AI Tag one is great:

What it does:

1) It automatically reads your product images with AI and generate tags for you (color, design or anything), you can choose SEO titles too

2) It syncs the tags with your products 

3) You can use these tags to make a lot of collections


You can have a try, it's really great!