Can anyone recommend a font display tool for custom text?

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Hello Shopify Community!


My client is looking for a font display tool that allows customers to type a customized text and the font display tool will display the customized text in a variety of fonts.


Here is an example: Cursive Fonts (


When I try to look for an app I just get apps that allow you to add customized fonts to Shopify. I really appreciate your help!

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Hi @1clickonline,

The Easify Product Options app is designed to perfectly align with your client's needs. It empowers you to effortlessly create a text box for your customers to input their desired text while also offering the flexibility to select a font for that text 🤗.

No coding is required, and the setup process takes just a few minutes, using the Text Box (or Text Area) and Font Picker option types provided by the app.

To gain a better understanding, take a look at the demo below:



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