Can anyone recommend a loyalty program app with customer tag conditioning?

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So I am setting up a membership subscription option which will allow the user access to our hold order program and discounted shipping options, but I also wanted to add a loyalty program that accumulates points for them as well. Problem is that I can't seem to find one that makes customer tags a condition for availability. Also I am finding that every one of these points apps seems to want to require the customer to sign in separately which I DO NOT want. I really would prefer a system that simply ties into the customer's store account. I found one that seems to offer this but does not have the tag conditioning features I need. Anyone have any recommendations?


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Thanks for the suggestion but your pricing model is extremely expensive by comparison. It may not have an up front or per member cost like others, but you are changing 3% of participant's sales which if used on the open site at large would basically be 3% of total site sales, which is absurd. Most systems I am looking at I am expecting to pay between $20 and $99 per month based on the expected volume of usage, but with yours the cost could easily be several hundred or more per month, no thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback! The app was built originally with small stores in mind giving low risk and flexibility. 3% of only loyalty sales means only the sales actually generated by the loyalty program, so fairness was the admission. 


However we are about to introduce a single monthly fee for larger stores who have the same sentiment as yourself, and have just released the one week free trial on the current plan. Hope that makes sense!

All the best.
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Ok I'll check it out and see if that's a better fit, thanks.

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Hey @Travnape!

I'm Hila from the team. offers Gift Card and Loyalty solutions for your Shopify store. 


With Rise you can reward customers with store credit (instead of points) and you can reward based on different conditions, including customer tags! Customers also don't need to sign into any account to accumulate and redeem credit, so this should be perfect for you. 


As for why we use store credit rewards instead of points- we believe that store credit rewards make the program much easier and more straightforward for your customers. Points can mean different things in each store, but $5 is always $5. Our customers have great results with this streamlined approach and have great redemption rates!


Feel free to visit our app page to learn more and get in touch with us. 


All the best,


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Hi @Travnape I just saw this post and wanted to ask a couple of questions if that's okay:

  1. When you say "customer tags a condition for availability" do you mean that only customers with certain tags are entitled to be part of the program, or only customers with certain tags earn points? How do you tag your customers?
  2. When you say "require the customer to sign in separately" do you mean that they have to sign into a separate site or service providing the loyalty features? And you'd like their membership to be seamless as part of being on your store?

Our app Spaaza provides number 2 (assuming you mean the customer is just automatically signed in when they're logged into your store), but I'd be interested to hear more about question 1 as we may be able to allow you to segment customers based on their Shopify tags and then you could apply promotions to those customers only.

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Hi @Travnape,

I recommend giving Fealty a try.

No, you won't be able to combine both discounts and points in the loyalty program. However, you can opt for cashbacks instead of points.

Offering discounts and cashbacks is an excellent way to provide immediate value to your customers. It eliminates the need for customers to wait or be confused by point-based programs.

Apps like Fealty make it incredibly simple to set up loyalty programs and continuously provide value to your customers.

The app seamlessly integrates with your customer store accounts, and a small sticker is displayed at the bottom. When customers click on it, they can easily log in to your store and enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program.