Can anyone recommend an app for customer postcode check on a landing page?

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I would like to create a specific landing page that I can direct customers to to check if we service their area. The apps I have found so far only include settings/information on including the widget as a pop up or on the product pages which we don't use.


Does anyone know of an app that would allow me to embed the widget onto a landing page? This is an example of a website that has the function I would like:


Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Victoriataylor1 , please try the pop-up builder app “Bevy Design,” which can help you create an embedded campaign without any code and place it anywhere in your store based on your needs. You can function the pop up to direct the customers to a specific page of your store by setting the link to the response.

To do this, you have to add a click-based trigger available on the app. You can design the pop-up by creating input fields for post code and submit buttons. Then, you can add the link action to the submit button and enter the link to redirect them.

Additionally, there are lots of interesting tools in the app which I think you will find very useful for your store. Please let me know if you need any support to set up your campaign.

Link of the app - Shopify App Store

For additional information, visit our website: Bevy Design

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