Can customers select keywords for notification when items become available?

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Our store is a little unusual in that we sell mostly one-of-a-kind items rather than consistent products. I'm looking for a way to allow customers to select keywords to be notified of when they are posted. For example, a customer could choose the keyword "vanity" and receive a notification when an item with the "vanity" tag becomes available. Similar to a back-in-stock notification but for tags or collections instead of specific products. Is there an app with this functionality?

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Hi Mcowles, I have created an app that does exactly that.

Check it out on the Shopify App Store: Vye: New Product Notifications 


The app will place a form on your store where your customers can subscribe to either all new products or a specific product tag. If a customer subscribes, an email will be sent to them when a matching new product is added to your store.


You can read more about the app here.


If there any features you would like to see in the app, you can reach out through the app or send me an email at


All the best!

SAGE Apps | Automatically alert your subscribers when you add new products with Vye: Automated Email Alerts | Email: