Can gift cards be linked to specific employers for easy tracking?

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We are a company supplying corporate gifts for our customers.
Each christmas we deliver gifts to thousands of employees, everything from bottles, clothing, kitchenware, backpacks etc.


We have a lot of high quality products, and we are considering creating a webshop where the process would be like this:
1. Company/customer decides to buy gifts for their employees. They buy a gift card from our shop.
2. We deliver gift cards to the customer, one pr. employee.
3. Each employee chooses their desired gift individually.
4. We pack every gift individually, and send it in bulk to the company/customer.


Would it be possible to generate gift cards that are bundled or tagged with a specific company, so that we can see wich customer each individual order belongs to?


Does anyone know if it is possible to create a solution where each employee recieves a predefined username and password, linked to the specific customer?

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Yes, it's entirely possible to create a system like the one you described using e-commerce platforms like Shopify. However, the exact method might require some customization or integration with third-party apps or development.

Regarding the creation of gift cards that are tagged or bundled with a specific company/customer, many e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, offer functionalities or plugins to generate and manage gift cards. These systems often allow customization to include unique identifiers or codes, which could be linked to a specific company or customer. You may need to explore Shopify's native features or third-party apps to implement this, potentially using custom fields or tags for each gift card.

As for providing individual usernames and passwords linked to specific customers in Shopify, the platform doesn’t have a built-in feature for this specific functionality. However, you might be able to achieve something similar using customer accounts and tags, or by integrating with customer management apps or custom development. Each employee could have an account created with a unique tag or identifier linked to the specific customer or company.

For implementing such a customized solution, you might need to engage with Shopify experts or developers who can build custom apps or code to create the required functionalities tailored to your needs. Additionally, exploring existing Shopify apps and integrations might provide insights into whether there are existing solutions that can be adapted for your purposes.

Remember, it's crucial to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations when managing individual employee accounts and sensitive information. Always prioritize security and data protection measures when implementing such systems.

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Hey @Sindlandjacobs,


This is something I could see me building into my app iziGift. It doesn't do it right now but you can bulk generate gift cards all that would be missing it sounds like is tagging them to the company. Let me know if you want to explore this, I am open to the idea.