Can I create an age verification requiring email and birthdate entry?

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Is there any way to create an age verification that requires an email address like the example attach please? I don't really need all the social media accounts as verification just email and manual entering birthdate.

Thank you

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Hi, @mememonster

Rae from Shopify here. Thanks for reaching out about this! 

Can you tell me a bit more about the workflow you're looking for in terms of allowing customers to verify their age with their email address? For instance, are you collecting these emails to add them to a newsletter? If so, an app like Age Verify with Email Capture can help verify customer ages while also encouraging newsletter sign ups. 

However, you also mentioned that you're hoping for customers to manually enter in their birthdate to verify their age, so I wanted to share some other options that offer this:

These are all third-party apps that are developed by teams who are external to Shopify, so if you have any questions about these apps, or the features they include, I recommend reaching out to the app developers directly for more information. You can do this by following these steps

You may also want to consider having a custom integration built for your site that includes the exact features you're looking for. If you're interested in this, I suggest reaching out to Shopify Experts. Experts are third-party designers and developers who are able to build and integrate custom features into Shopify stores, so they're a great resource to use for a task like this. You can check out some of the Experts who would be able to complete this task here

Let me know your thoughts on these options, and if there's any other specific features you're looking for! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Just to add to @Rae 's answer, and like I mentioned in another post, Real ID also provides ID verification instead of just age gating.

What's the difference?

Apps that just ask for self reporting ages, like popups asking for your birthdate is what's referred to as age gating. This practice might be compliant for your industry, but with the new PACT law coming into effect in the US on March 29 - age gating alone is not longer enough to sell vapor related products.

Age verification the act of actually capturing an image of your customer's ID document and verifying it against a commercially available database.

I'm not sure of your use case exactly or what industry you're in, but just want to offer that piece of info.

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Hey there - circling back on this thread - I'm looking to accomplish the same thing.

Serve an age gate that also collects email all in the same frame.

Example here


Does anyone know an app that can do that in shopify

This example is a custom age gate that we built to sync a Klaviyo embed form on custom WP age gate

But shopify has code restrictions preventing this same type of setup - so looking to see if there are other apps that will do this


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Hi There, Just adding onto this thread from the Token of Trust support team here!

The Token of Trust Shopify App will verify age via the lowest friction method possible. In the US, this is a database check on the information your consumers already provide in the checkout. If that fails, the system will fallback to ID capture to minimize impact on your conversions rates.

Age gates are really only helpful if they inform your consumers that verification will be required upon checkout!