Can I restore accidentally removed metafields in my store?

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I accidentally removed metafields for store. Is there any change to restore these metafields?
Documentation has no information about this.

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Hi @Guts- ,


Upon a brief investigation, it appears that Shopify doesn’t create or restore database backups for their merchants’ stores.
In case you have created a CSV backup of metafields prior to this data loss accident, you can easily get the data restored with our app's data import functionality.
However, if you haven't created such a file, you may want to consider contacting Shopify's support team and asking for assistance. Hopefully, these guys will be able to come up with a solution.

Feel free to get back to me if you’ll manage to get a CSV file with your metafields and I’ll gladly assist you with the data import. Also, you may want to consider starting creating both products and metafields backups on a regular basis to avoid similar issues in the future 😉

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Hey @MetafieldsGuru  thanks


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you can use a third party app to backup data specific to your store:


shopify doesn't back up your store metadata

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