Can I retrieve a mistakenly deleted app on Shopify?

Can I retrieve a mistakenly deleted app on Shopify?

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Hi all,


 Is the firt time that I have used the shopify community but I really need your help.


I deleted an app by mistake so when I went to the shopify app store I found it but I could not download again.


Can I recover deleted application? What can I do?


Many thanks

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Shopify Partner
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Recover an app is the same as you install a new app, let's take `Smart Content Protector` as an example.


1. Go to the app Page,  here is

2. You can see the blue button 'Add app', Click it.

3. A modal with a text input show and you put your shop domain there, for example, ``

4. Click the `Log in` button, then you can re-install the app.


Here are some images for it. Maybe this description can help you. 



Fred@Sea Apps Inc.
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Unfortunately this doesnt address the issue with any data lost from the app when uninstalled and reinstalled.