Can I sync my products from Shopify to TikTok Shop?

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Hey all,
Does anyone have any experience with using the Shopify / TikTok sales channel? I've connected it to my business account, but it seems to be feeding products to the TikTok Business center only, and it's been a little difficult to determine if this catalog can be then used on the TikTok Shop Seller Center. Right now it seems not, and I'm trying to find out any information I can.
thanks for your time.

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Hi - Did you find out any more about this? 

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Hey Pete,

I ended up disconnecting the Shopify / TikTok app because it was essentially about being able to run product advertisements. I started using this Silk Connector, which is currently free.


It is not the most reliable or straightforward solution to use - you have to manually create the app, the product syncing is a little hit or miss (and what shows up in TTS requires a lot of fine tuning). Additionally, even if the Silk Connector would recognize TTS orders, I hadn't been able to get them to show in to Shopify, and Silk's help is pretty unreliable.  However, the connector will sync stock (this seems to not be in real time, and something that has to be manually triggered in the Silk Connector from time to time), and I managed to have this most recent TikTok order to load. So… it's a bit touch and go, but it's a start.


There's also this option SKU IQ:

But their entry level plan is too expensive for me to consider at this point in time.


I'm really surprised that Shopify or TikTok hasn't facilitated the development of a sales channel that allows Shopify and TikTok to talk to each other. Considering how stellar the FB/Instagram channel is, and TikTok seems to be more of a shopping platform, would kinda be a no brainer.

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I'm also trying to connect my Shopify to TikTok shop, but cannot do it through the TikTok shopify app. 


The instructions from TikTok from the Tiktok Shopify Guide don't match what I see on Shopify.  Everytime I talk to TT customer support they tell me to use a 3rd party Shopify connector like SKU IQ. 


I wonder if TikTok is trying to make it harder to sync with Shopify because they want to be the shop storefront like Amazon is?

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For some help, see my reply to Pete above.