Can I use for GraphQL mutation in Webhooks?

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Can i run my graphql mutation api for products change or metafield change in webhooks using method 

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Yes, you can use webhooks to listen for specific events, such as product changes or metafield updates, and then trigger GraphQL mutations accordingly in your application.

When you create a webhook in Shopify, you specify the event (like product creation, update, deletion, etc.) that will trigger the webhook, and you provide a URL endpoint where Shopify will send a POST request containing the relevant data when that event occurs.

When Shopify sends a POST request to your specified endpoint, your application (server) should be set up to handle that request. You can use the method in your server-side code (depending on the programming language or framework you're using) to capture the incoming webhook payload and perform the necessary GraphQL mutations to update products or metafields in your Shopify store.

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