Can payment info be migrated from RECHARGE to Shopify Subscription?

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When migrating customers from RECHARGE to the free sShopify Subscription model, is there a way to migrate their payment info as well or do I have to ask them each, to reenter it?

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I believe that if you are using Recharge which is already using Shopify Payments, then you should already have the payment info in Shopify. This means that you should be able to migrate the subscriptions to Shopify Subscription app. From what I know, in Shopify's subscription app, you then have to migrate these subscriptions by creating a special CSV file and uploading it into the app.


In our Seal Subscriptions app, we have an API integration with Recharge, which allows you to automatically retrieve subscriptions from Recharge and push them into Seal Subscriptions app.
In addition to that, we have created an integration with Stripe and Braintree, which allow you to migrate your subscriptions from Recharge even if you aren't yet using Shopify Payments.
This basically allows you to migrate subscriptions without the need of your customers re-entering their payment info anywhere.

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