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Can Shopify support custom features for a digital products website?

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I want to rebuild my custom PHP and HTML/JavaScript website with Shopify, but I want to confirm if Shopify has the custom features that support all of my website's offerings.

My website sells digital products. We give users access to:

  1. A set of pictures (this is presented as a slider on the product page).
  2. Product description.
  3. YouTube video.
  4. A zipped folder containing some raw files.
  5. Updates to the product's images, zipped file, and product description.
  6. The ability to share purchased products with other users, such that other logged-in users can view them as if they purchased them. The number of recipients depends on the subscription level (subscriptions are multi-tiered).
  7. Other common e-commerce platform features, such as coupons, payment gateway integration, etc.

There is also an admin portal where:

  1. Users can be managed.
  2. Subscription history can be viewed.
  3. Etc.

Is this something that is possible with Shopify? My main area of concern is the ability to share purchased products with other users.

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Seems like an xyproblem, prescribing a solution without diagnosing the real goal.


#7 of course it has common ecommerce features, basic cms features,  "etc" is way too broad.


#3-6 Shopify is physical-goods first solution,  it facilitates digital-goods business models through apps and the api. #6 Shopify is not a products social/sharing platform you will have to find apps for that feature, or build them. 


If you already have this system built , what's the actual business motivation to move to a platform like shopify. If you just want the checkout/gateways look into embedding shopify onto other websites either with buy-buttons, js buy sdk, or storefronts api. 





Beyond that trying to get an answer every subset item for such a list is way to broad for forum posts.

Be more specific , do the initial research to know which basic features exist , then focus on the specific business needs,  or get a consult/discovery to list out everything properly. 



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